It’s been a long time since I presented my website in 2007. I haven’t added new pictures to my gallery recently, and the reason for this is not that I’ve stopped drawing. No way!
Quite the contrary. The world has changed around me, in my surroundings and around my clients as well.As a result of this I also had to change certain things. Perhaps it was time. I keep on painting individual paintings, but much less.
My updated website has changed in appearance and to some extent in content too.
In the ’Gallery’ you can see my own works put into categories, but I restricted them to my favourites. In addition,  I show you here how I work and you can see some of my earlier comics in full size as well.
 ’About me’, which will be updated occasionally,  gives you information about me.
’Shop’ is a new feature offering, among other things, original pictures for sale.
I met a talented graphic designer a few years ago. We’ve found a working method which enables us to create with maximum effeciency without losing the pleasure of work.We’ve made several illustrations together. But I don’t really like to share the joy of work while making a fantasy picture.
I don’t know what  the future will bring or how things will change, but changes always entail challenges, while the past can teach you lessons which can make you more skilful, more experienced or wiser in the present.